TruckThat – October 2018 (Trucking in the UK)

TruckThat – October 2018 (Trucking in the UK)

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In our October edition of Truck That, part 1 of our special series of Rod’s study trip as part of the Churchill Fellowship grant that he was awarded in 2016. Rod was awarded the NRMA/ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship for Road Safety from a pool of some 1200 applicants. Rod deferred the trip for one year with approval from the Churchill Trust to better align with events towards the objectives of the fellowship trip, “To study trucks and road safety in England, Canada and America”.

The application is a detailed and rigorous process, where you provide a detailed reason for your application, what you have done in your field and over what time frame, a plan and proposed itinerary and what you hope to achieve and why.

From the Winston Churchill Trust page. “The aim of the Trust is to provide an opportunity for Australians to travel overseas to conduct research in their chosen field that is not readily available in Australia. It also aims to reward the proven achievement of talented and deserving Australians with further opportunity in their pursuit of excellence for the enrichment of Australian society. No prescribed qualifications are required to apply for a Churchill Fellowship. The subject of the proposed project is limitless provided a benefit to Australia is evident and a willingness to share the research findings with the Australian community is displayed.”

After the initial detailed application, there are interviews to ascertain your knowledge and passion for your subject, towards becoming a state finalist and then from those state finalists, come those awarded fellowships for that year. If selected, you then have to provide a detailed itinerary, who and where you are visiting including travel plans for approval by the board. Once the trip is completed you supply a trip report to the board and then try and make the most of your learnings from the trip, towards helping other Australians.