TruckThat – May 2018

TruckThat – May 2018

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Truck That May 2018 is a special edition of Truck That from the inaugural Megatrans in Melbourne Victoria. Megatrans is an event to cover transport and logistics from all aspects of the industry, road, rail, air and sea. The event attracted industry heavyweights from all facets too and in our special episode, we get to speak with a few.

Rod’s distinctive K200 Kenworth is on display at the event but on the way to Melbourne, he has the company of CEO Ben Maguire from the ATA (Australian Trucking Association) who took a ride with Rod from Dubbo to Melbourne where he gets to experience first hand the highways we drive on every day and Rod gets the opportunity to point out where we are desperately short on suitable rest areas in which to manage our fatigue. Ben has pledged to continue to assist us by advocating as well for more of these suitable rest areas and he recognises the links to many other factors that need addressing in order to attract younger drivers to our industry.

We also have the unique pleasure to have a chat with Paul Retter AM from the NTC (National Transport Commission) about the extensive research currently being undertaken into fatigue and the causes of fatigue in drivers. This kind of study hasn’t been conducted before and is a welcome strategy as we move forward in our never-ending bid for road safety.

We get to have a chat with Paul Anderson, the CEO of the VTA (Victorian Transport Association) about traffic congestion in Melbourne and his generally positive outlook on our industry.

We get to have a look at some new technology, one from Connect Source which was of particular interest was the system that keeps an eye on driver fatigue and sounds an audible alert if the driver closes their eyes as well as providing a vibration alert. This also works if the driver averts their concentration away from the road for too long, all in the name of road safety.

Plus a look at some onboard scales from Tramanco who are also a supporter of the Truckright Industry Vehicle.

A pretty packed episode.