TruckThat – December 2018 (United States Ep1)

TruckThat – December 2018 (United States Ep1)

04/12/2018 Off By admin

In Truck That for December, our last episode for the year, Rod shows us to part two of his Churchill Fellowship trip to the United States of America. The purpose of the trip was to have a look at the issues pertaining to heavy vehicle operators and drivers and see how they are combatted in another country. Luckily for us, Rod took along his own small video camera and this gives us a glimpse into what was an awesome trip all around.

Rod speaks with Randy Wolfe, an owner-operator, who is quick to point out his frustration with the car drivers (four-wheelers) “sound familiar” and their lack of appreciation for the size and weight of the heavy vehicle. He also gives us his view on the ELD or electronic logs that drivers must have fitted in the US. Rod shows us a pretty standard type of rest area for trucks and four-wheelers to share and then he shows us the cream of the crop, one that Rod describes as being more like a resort.

We get to meet Nicole Rutledge “on Set” who has joined the team as Host alongside Rod for the Truckies Top Tips, currently in production due to be released for Easter. We also get to meet Jessica Ferrari, producer extraordinaire, on the set as well. Jessica also produced the Crawlin the Hume’ special that we did back in 2016.

To top off the episode, we speak with a shining light for the American transport industry at least with Dillan Wooley, a 21-year-old truck driver paying his way through college. I couldn’t help but think as I was watching this interview that our industry would be in an excellent space with more operators like this one. When you hear a comment like “It’s a great culture it’s just that we need more younger people in the culture to keep it going” you kind of know that things will turn out ok with more like this young man.

We hope you enjoy our December episode and wish every one of you a safe and prosperous New Year and whatever you do over the festive season and whichever way you lean, from us at Whiteline Television to you, Merry Christmas.