TruckThat – December 2017

TruckThat – December 2017

04/12/2017 Off By admin

Truck That December 2017 is our third and final episode for the year and Rod discusses options that people have if they truly believe that they have been wrongly fined for an infringement. This comes off the back of our friend and colleague, celebrity truckie Yogi who appeared in our last episode and was fined for a six-minute infringement on his work diary. Rod covers the request for review option available to all, however, we always advocate that if you do the crime then you must pay the fine but we certainly need a little more flexibility.

We also cover the numbers you need to know for reporting hazards on the road. Many people have often wondered how they go about reporting dangerous hazards on the road and Rod covers the numbers for NSW, 13 17 00, QLD, 13 19 40 and VIC, 13 11 70 and of course what to do when you get through. Most importantly, we always advocate for people to be polite and ensure that they represent our industry and thus all of us associated with it in a positive way.

Rod also covers “Roadhouse Lawyers” and the need to be careful with people’s opinions and ensure accuracy of information is getting to people. Especially when you come to us to advocate on a matter, we are certainly going to ask for evidence and will never just go off hearsay. Hearsay only makes people look paranoid and frankly just plain silly.

Rod also covers parking bays and the somewhat delicate issue of “pee bottles”. Drive safe, go and check out some of our other videos like the one Sarah did on the signs of Fatigue. So from Rod, Management and Crew of TruckThat and Whiteline Television we would also like to convey our best wishes for the holiday season fast approaching, we wish you a very merry Christmas and an awesome 2018.