Truckies Tip # 6

Truckies Tip # 6

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A truck uses all of its lane space, do not travel right on the centre line, use the road width available, to give you space between opposing traffic. If stopped or broken down, where possible park well clear of the roadway. 10 centimetres past the fog line (the unbroken line on the left) is not safe for you or your car. Use hazard lights and ensure headlights are dipped or off at night, to be able to be seen safely. Safety triangles can be a worthwhile investment.

Many of our major roads are slowly being widened allowing traffic a gap between opposing vehicles without being right on the edge of the roadway. Many drivers either through being used to narrowing city traffic lanes or narrow highways travel very close to the centre line. If you then tow a caravan or trailer, these can ride on or cross the centre line where you risk colliding with oncoming traffic or risk a fine. This practice can be hazardous at night if your trailer doesn’t have reflectors or lights fitted to the extremities and the added width is not allowed taken into account. 

In the event of having to pull off the road for a flat tyre or breakdown or even by Police request, where possible move well off the roadway. Police always park further out than a vehicle they have pulled over to give the Police Officer a safety corridor in front of their car, while they are beside yours. Some people park or leave their vehicle only centimetres past the fog line (the unbroken line on the left-hand edge of the roadway) believing this is safe enough, but they don’t consider that trucks use all of the lane widths up to this line and this practice leaves no room for error. It’s an even more significant hazard at night or in the rain. 

Lastly, if pulling up on the roadside for any reason at night, park well off the road and make sure your headlights are dipped to low beam or switched to parking lights. Blinding oncoming traffic may mean they cannot see your hazard lights or perhaps even you waving for help until the last second and this could cause an accident. Breakdown reflective triangles as you may see used by trucks could be a worthwhile investment, and may save damage to you or your car should it be in a hazardous position or have no battery power.