Truckies Tip # 5

Truckies Tip # 5

09/04/2019 Off By admin


This tip is a simple concept, but along with driver education, awareness of sharing the roads and increasing your safety, these things are often not given enough consideration. Many people are in a hurry for whatever reason, be it essential or otherwise and the speed of life has changed, as have the vehicles we drive. A driver’s attitude can be the biggest danger, to themselves and others. As professional drivers, we see many near misses and acts of impatience every day on the road. No one is perfect, we are all human, but as professionals, we aim to eventually get home safely to our families, most likely you do as well. People often risk their lives and that of their passengers/families to pass a truck or get in front of one to save a few minutes, if that. Is it worth it? Often it’s a significant risk for a small gain. Cars and light vehicles have far greater opportunities to pass a truck than the other way around.

This program aims to save lives by offering car drivers another view. Truck drivers drive cars, but not all car drivers drive trucks. National Truck Accident Research Centre figures are showing that in 83% of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles the third party was at fault. This data only confirms that a better understanding of sharing the road with trucks is needed.

Lastly, if more people considered others on the road for just a second and offered a wave of thanks when someone does the right thing, it might lead to less waving of fingers or fists. Road rage is mostly brought on by attitude, whether it’s one driver or both. This sharing the road program is aimed at lessening accidents and improving safety for all.

Road courtesy and a bit of patience may save your life; it could also prevent road rage. I’d much rather a wave of thanks than a shaken fist. Improved driver education and awareness of heavy vehicles, can only improve safety for all road users.