Travelers and Road-Trains share the outback (Facilities)

Travelers and Road-Trains share the outback (Facilities)

15/07/2020 Off By admin

Whilst travelling in the outback of our great country, it is very important that we not only share the roads but also our facilities such as parking bays and roadhouses.

These remote facilities take on a whole new meaning in the outback with some special considerations surrounding these huge trucks.

Filmed with the support of Anangu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and aerials with permission from the RAAF Woomera.
We sincerely thank ABC transport for supplying us with their triple road train and their highly skilled and professional driver Kelvin Arhns for the production in an effort to try and help all be safe on our outback roads. Plus Kevan & Rachael Renton for the van and 4X4.

Executive Producer: Stephen McCarthy.
Location Producer/Screen Writer: Jessica Ferrari

Produced by Whiteline Television Canberra with support from the NHVR heavy vehicle safety initiative.