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Truck driver Rod Hannifey developed the Truckies Top Tips for sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles. The tips are from the findings of a survey he conducted some years ago to identify drivers’ key safety concerns, firstly at a transport yard and subsequently through industry media.

According to Rod, based on truck drivers’ comments on the road and his personal experience, there’s a great need for improved car driver understanding of the difference between driving a car and driving a large, heavy vehicle. Rod says: “You get a licence when you’re 17 years old and hold it until you’re 70, but unless someone you know takes you for a ride in a truck, you’re unaware of the differences involved. Understanding these differences can only improve the safety of all road users, particularly that of young drivers.”

Whiteline Television first teamed with Rod in 2017 to promote the idea of safely sharing the road with heavy vehicles. Through its broadcast site Trucking Nation, Whiteline produces stories and programs to promote the industry and its people, with a particular focus on road safety. It was successful in securing funding through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative Program to produce the Truckies Top Tips.

Rod Hannifey and Nicole Rutledge present the truckies top tips for sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles.

The videos are 100% free to use as a resource, and we encourage sharing them far and wide. However, the videos are not to be altered, and we request acknowledgement.

Fast forward now to 2020 and once again we produce some content with Rod Hannifey and this time with Entertainer and Actor Amelia Ryan to present sharing the outback with Road-Trains.  We present this from ULURU in outback Australia and also filmed on some majestic roads in the middle of South Australia.

We thank ABC Transport for their triple Road-Train.

We thank Rod Pilon for providing the transport industry vehicle and ensuring Rod was available for our shoots.

The videos were produced in several highly controlled environments. We would also like to thank DECA and TAFE Victoria, particularly for the use of their road circuit in Barnawartha for some of the ‘closed road shooting’ we needed to perform.

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