Roadlife Australia – Fatigue Management at home

Roadlife Australia – Fatigue Management at home

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Managing your fatigue starts at home. You must get enough rest before your shift. If you are required to drive overnight, then, of course, you need to sleep during the day, which does not always fit in with family life. Your family must understand that you need to get some quality sleep while you are at home. Some modifications can be done to the house to assist in sleep during the daylight hours. Things like tinted windows, air conditioning and blackout curtains can always help the driver to get enough sleep during daylight hours.


There have been many advances through technology in the fight to assist drivers in recognising the early signs of driver fatigue, There are aftermarket monitoring systems, and many European manufacturers have these systems installed as a standard item.

Executive Producer: Stephen McCarthy. Operations/Producer/Presenter: Sarah McCarthy Screen Writer: Jessica Ferrari

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