Mr Positive

Mr Positive

20/03/2020 Off By admin

If you watch nothing else this year, then you should watch this video.

Around the country and the world, people think that their major obstacle in life is the amount of toilet paper they have. After sitting down with a truck driver and devoted father and husband, Chris Harmer, you soon realise that toilet paper is the least of our concerns. Chris has lived with, loved unconditionally and supported his family including two special needs children who now require full-time respite care. In his words, he feels and considers himself “lucky” to have these special people in his life.

In early January Chris was dealt another cruel blow when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour which required immediate removal and then the subsequent therapies that follow. In another cruel blow, many of us truck drivers would feel the pain, he had his license taken away from him because of the diagnosis. His wife Carol cares for him full time now.

As is Chris’s style, belief and faith, you don’t hear a complaint, you don’t hear anything selfish from him just an unshakable positivity and concern for his wonderful children. Whatever your belief system, Christian, Agnostic, Jew or Moslem there is one thing that is undoubtedly true, the power of faith is something truly amazing to see.