Whiteline Television Wins Federal funding

Whiteline Television Wins Federal funding

30/09/2019 Off By admin

Whiteline Television wins Federal Government funding for road safety video project.

In a major boost for the Australian road transport industry, and following the success of the truckie’s top tips, Canberra-based Whiteline Television has secured further funding through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to produce more road safety films to be released on the World Wide Web.

“This online video presentation will be made available as a resource for all drivers, visitors to Australia, and in fact anyone who is keen to expand their knowledge of safer driving around heavy vehicles on our roads,” Says Whiteline TV’s Executive Producer, Stephen McCarthy.

“In this modern age where the consumption of internet video is accelerating quickly towards overtaking mainstream television, it presents an exciting opportunity to convey a powerful and most of all effective road safety message, direct to peoples phones and tablets wherever they can access the internet.” Mr. McCarthy said

The production will be completed with Rod Hannifey from Truckright, a long-term Industry road safety advocate, and will feature in some aspects the Truckright Industry Vehicle.  “I’m really excited to get started on the project,” Mr. Hannifey said.

“I couldn’t think of a better industry ambassador to be working with than Rod,” said Mr. McCarthy, “Working on the ‘Truck That series has been a lot of fun and we work well together,” he said “I’m super excited about getting the rest of the team together to start on the production”

Whiteline Television was established by Stephen McCarthy in 2016 following extensive experience in both the road transport industry beginning in 1979 and his other passion of broadcast television. Mr. McCarthy has worked both internationally and domestically in television production as a cameraman and editor and domestically in media production for the Australian Government. Returning to road transport in 2011 it further reinforced his desire to start Whiteline Television so as to showcase the best of the industry and educate the public in being safe around heavy vehicles. In 2017 he commenced working with Rod Hannifey producing a video on sharing parking bays plus the ongoing production of ‘Truck That’ and ‘Truck That for RV’s’ in a further effort to promote road safety for all.