A Conversation with Mr Positive

A Conversation with Mr Positive

16/02/2022 Off By admin

You may remember in early 2020 Sarah brought you the story of Chris Harmer whom we dubbed “Mr Positive” who had not long prior been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumour along with being the father of three with two being profoundly disabled. The industry in Wagga Wagga pulled together and in the spirit of brotherhood and mateship joined with his extended Christian community in lending support to this incredible family. Then last year Sarah brought you the second instalment with Chris when he subsequently went into remission. For a time Chris was doing so well that his neurosurgeon even signed off on Chris getting his car license back which allowed Chris a degree of independence and some respite for his wife Carol we’re sure.

For those of you that have followed this inspirational story of Chris and his family, we now have the third instalment in this story. Our mate Bruce Dodds spent some time with Chris at a benefit day arranged for him. At Chris’s request, the proceeds from the benefit day were donated to fellow truck driver Doug Newman who was in Hospital at the same time as Chris for the same tragic condition. Sadly Chris is losing his battle with this hideous disease. Doug had tragically lost his battle at the time of releasing this video.

The takeaway for us in producing the story is that no matter what happens in our life, no matter what cards we are dealt, there is always another side to look at. When you look at Chris’s life and the cards that he has been dealt you would forgive him for complaining, walking away or becoming a bitter man, however, Chris is quite the opposite to this. Chris looks at each thing as a blessing, his children, his treatment, his friends, his church and his family are all the positives in his life. His unshakable belief and faith in his God has held him strong and firm. In the dealings we have had with Chris, we have never heard a complaint or a harsh word.

We don’t have the answers. Whatever you believe in, whatever higher power you feel you answer to, if that is God, Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha or that science textbook from University it doesn’t matter, if your unshakable belief makes you half the good person that Chris Harmer is and provides half the comfort to you and your families then follow that. It has been a pleasure to have known Chris and we thank him, Carol and the children to have allowed us to tell the story of this tragedy.

At 8:15 am on the 16th February 2022, another driver in this story Doug Newman passed away and we say Gods speed mate to you, your shift is done! Rest in peace.Doug and Nerrissa