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Welcome to Trucking Nation.

Since 2016 Trucking Nation has been provided to showcase and promote the Australian road transport industry. We have provided this resource free of charge and free of advertising. In an effort to consolidate and reduce our overheads we have decided to amalgamate this page with our parent company. We hope you continue to enjoy our videos now and in the future.

Mr Positive

If you watch nothing else this year, then you should watch this video. Around the country and the world, people think that

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Sharing Rest Areas

Truckies and caravaners share rest areas Rod Hannifey explains the need to share road side parking bays and their facilities among caravaners,

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Truckies Tip # 10

DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE (ROUNDABOUTS) Based on some of the comments from the surveys it would appear there are two problems.

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Truckies Tip # 9

OVERTAKING TRUCKS Too many drivers take significant risks to save a few minutes on a long trip. People become frustrated at slow

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Truckies Tip # 7

DRIVING AT NIGHT High beam glare contributes to fatigue during night driving. When you see the lights of an oncoming vehicle dip

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Truckies Tip # 5

ROAD COURTESY This tip is a simple concept, but along with driver education, awareness of sharing the roads and increasing your safety,

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Mary Kovacivic

In June 2016 we arranged to speak with Mary Kovacevic from the Drive to Survive driving academy. Drive to Survive offers a

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