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Truck That October 2017

Truck That October 2017

TruckThat October 17 is the first episode of a new programme currently being developed by us at Whiteline television.

The programme’s aim is to disseminate current and important industry-based news events and current affair’s stories that we feel are important for you to know about. Many drivers we speak with say they do not read the trucking press, as when they get out of the truck, they don’t want to have anything to do with trucks. We no longer have any real trucking radio shows, meanwhile in the states they have a 24 hour a day satellite network, but you need a suitable set and have to pay. So how do we get two important things done? One is to get news and issues out to drivers and the other, is once they are aware, to give them the chance to respond. TruckThat, aims to do just that.

Rod Hannifey has spent most of his truck driving career as a road safety evangelist and advocate for safety within the Australian road transport industry. He is an accomplished and respected columnist and has been an advisor to Industry and government on many projects. He also pilots the distinctive Truckright Industry Vehicle which is a K200 Kenworth in B’Double configuration.