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Road Life Australia – Eating Healthy

Road Life Australia – Eating Healthy

Our first video in the Road Life Australia series centres around Eating Healthy. Our guests give their take on modern roadhouse food compared to taking their own and the logistics of doing that.

Eating plenty of fruit and drinking lots of water appears to be the main theme and staying away from sugar and heavy, fatty foods. Of course, if you are serious about looking after yourself, then a fridge is a must.

As we know, our health impacts on our bodies ability to function at peak performance so if food is the fuel of the body, if we put junk in then, we can’t expect to get peak performance out of our body. This can also lead to fatigue and other dangerous health concerns. Our guests are not dieticians, but providing examples of how they manage to be successful in what they do, of course, one should always consult with one’s doctor before embarking on any change to our usual health management routine.