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Mari Benson and LASRYD

Mari Benson and LASRYD

Every now and then a project happens in Television that makes us passionate about the end result. Not because we get to go to exotic locations, not because we get to hang out of helicopters or sit on a boat in the open ocean fishing but purely because of the emotion that the story itself evokes in us. Mari Benson and LASRYD did just that.

What Mari Benson does is truly inspiring, what she provides to our industry without seeking recognition is nothing short of mind-blowing and in itself commands respect. But the back story of this incredible lady is what made us approach Mari and request permission to tell the world about this story. It is enough to run shivers up your spine and challenge our own feelings of worth, giving and most of all humility. Our Producer, Bec Presling, and our crew spent some time with Mari and her wonderful family to gain an insight into this incredible lady and her journey. LASRYD (pronounced Last Ride) is a ‘W’ model Kenworth purpose-built prime mover Hearse, who provides the last ride for drivers once their ‘shift is over. More than just a truck, it provides invaluable memories for the loved ones of fallen truck drivers. The brainchild of David & Mari Benson, Lasryd is a hearse, a wedding vehicle, & an instrument of healing for those who engage its services

The journey this story takes you on is amazing and we feel privileged and humbled to tell this story. Through tragedy & grief, to healing & facing life’s other unexpected challenges, Mari Benson & Lasryd provide an ongoing tribute to David. It’s a loving & beautiful symbol for the loved ones of fallen truck drivers to carry in their memories as they move forward in their lives.